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Co-developing innovative strategies using Social Enterprises

Achieving growth

as if people and the planet matter


We design economic responses, for our clients' food enterprises, to the current situation with Covid-19 and Climate Change.  We start by defining a social purpose that your Social Enterprise will use as the main driver for change. Your purpose(s) can be social, cultural, environmental, or all three if the economic surplus is enough to pay the bills.


We are in the middle of a three-year project to create access to finance for women-owned food processing businesses.  


As with all consulting work, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and No-Competition Agreements with our clients. 

While we cannot publish existing Client lists, we will share documents that our clients have posted in the Public Domain.


It was over 20 years ago that I met Sandy Mark.

We met singing in a community choir with 120 people. The leader of the choir played piano, and she liked the bass section to surround the piano. Sandy was in the front row with her mother’s arm around her arm, singing soprano. Sandy and I volunteered to conduct a feasibility study using the community choir model the piano player started with and expand it globally as a social enterprise.


An early lecture that we attended explained why we were a good team to co-create systems thinking deliverables in our consulting work. The “Emergence of the Social Market” Lecture by Stefano Zamagni June 27, 2003, at the Vancouver Wosk Centre & Progression, was about the emergence of a food system social market. Zamagni has a triangle to show the reciprocal relationships between Industry, Civil Society, and Government. I had experience in food industry standards. Sandy had experience in Civil Society organizations with long-standing legacies. All our projects created relationships with the people in the three government levels so they could consider new policies.



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